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Late Night Poker VI Episode Four
00:35 26th Oct 2002
 Seat 1 : Pascal Perrault (Fra) from Paris
 Seat 2 : Padraig Parkinson (Ire) top Irish player - series V winner
 Seat 3 : Ali Sharkashik (UK) high stake money player
 Seat 4 : Teddy Tuil (UK) 2nd in the Poker Million
 Seat 5 : Tony Hakki (UK) once a city trader
 Seat 6 : Debbie Berlin (UK) Lady Poker Player competent tournament player
 Seat 7 : Jin Cai Lin (HK) wild
Padraig got very short but still found a decent hand to play all-in, Ace-Jack. Pascal put his faith in a pair of sevens and with 3-T-6-6-5 on the board at the end, last series' winner was out first.
Ali was found wanting when having called with Ace-Ten the flop comes A-7-4 all hearts. Hakki, with a black King-Jack in the hole bluffs with 500, Ali calls. Then when a black Queen falls on he turn Hakki bets all his chips and Ali decides to give it up. Just calling he previous bet was not an option, pass or raise was necessary.
Debi found a King-Jack to go all-in with and Lin called with 6-6. A board of 8-A-T-2-A sent her packing.
Lin made a semi bluff opening up with a mere Q-9 but Ali found Ace-Ten and being very short stacked found the right time to put it all in. Q-7-6 on the flop put Lin ahead but Ace on the turn put Ali back in front but the killer 9 on the river got them down to four players.
Teddy was the next short stack to try his luck, only this time with a sad 8-5 against Pascal's 9-9. An 8-7-2 flop gave some hope of two pair and a 4 gave another out with a 6 making a straight but it was not to be and they were three.
Hakki now makes what looks to be a decisive hand when he bets a mere 300 and gets raised by a big stack from Lin with his pair of tens. Hakki goes all in with his Aces and Lin calls. There is a scare for Tony Hakki as K-Q-J fall to give a straight draw but he survives and goes chip leader. Lin still in.
Soon after Lin makes an all-in move with Ace-Deuce of hearts and very strangely Hakki calls with K-T offsuit. This is not really ever likely to be ahead of anything but a straight bluff. Lin makes a flush and is back in control.
Pascal now under pressure bets all-in with K-8 and Lin calls with J-T and hits 2 tens on the board to make it heads-up.
Hakki makes a weird all-in play with Q-J clubs and Lin calls with 7-7. Hakki hits both a queen and a flush to take Lin down to a small stack. He gets that all-in the next hand Jack-Five of spades and Hakki finds himself with ACe-King. The flush wins again and Lin is back in it. Lin then all-in with A-J and Hakki calls with another of his calling hands which never really pay-off, K-T. No help and Lin is back in the chip lead. Finally when Lin finds Ace-Five he bets and Hakki calls with King-Five. No king arrives and Lin pulls off a dramatic comeback to gi into the final. Hakki to the semi.