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Late Night Poker VI Episode Three
00:50 19th Oct 2002
 Seat 1 : Marty Wilson (UK) 'Mad' by name and just completely mad
 Seat 2 : Lucy Rokash (UK) Lady Poker Player presented this show once
 Seat 3 : Dave Colclough (UK) Poker Million winner
 Seat 4 : Jac Arama (UK) action magnet
 Seat 5 : Mohammed Irfan (??) who
 Seat 6 : Joe Beevers (UK) 'The Elegance'
 Seat 7 : Paul Parker (UK) plays professionally they say
This weeks heat was weak on play and players.
Mad Marty had previously made an odd play, trying to bluff with a small re-raise when the other player, Jac, clearly had something. Now very short he was holding J-9 when the flop appeared K-9-2. He bet and Lucy took him all-in with her K-3. No help nad Marty was out first.
Paul Parker, a seasoned club player, didn't find anything but a short stack in his time at the table. When he found K-Q he went for it and Jac called with a pair, 4s. There was no help and another uneventfull exit.
Soon after Colclough found Aces and got all-in against a short stacked Irfan who had played solidly. Again no drama and nothing close to it.
Joe was patient but with little result. He saw a pair of tens in the hole and stuck it all in. Jac Arama called for the value with an Ace-Four. The Ace fell on the 'turn' and then there were three.
Colclough bet it all with an Ace-Ten which has real value short handed. Lucy, with a lot of chips, took him on with 3-3. J-4-9-8-3 ended him with an unnecessary set.
The first hand Jac is there with a bluff with a flop of 3-A-9-2 and holding J-4. Lucy called with her 5-3 and a pair. The 'river' dropped an 8 which was a complete blank and Jac put in a rather clumsy second bluff of 1000. Lucy could not read him and passed.
Soon though Jac got very excited when an Ace-6 of spades came through in his hand and said 'all-in' Lucy made a verbal 'call' and she turned over Ace-Ten. Once again no drama as the cards fell A-8-7-3-3. Lucy to the Final and Jac to the Semi.