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Late Night Poker VI Episode Two
01:10 12th Oct 2002
 Seat 1 : John Duthie (UK) Poker Million winner
 Seat 2 : Marcel Luske (Hol) Outstanding results
 Seat 3 : Vicky Lincoln (UK) Lady Poker Player Strong player without flair
 Seat 4 : Surindar Sunar (UK) Big time player for a long time
 Seat 5 : Fari Mansour (??) who
 Seat 6 : Julian Gardner (UK) 2nd in World Championship this year
 Seat 7 : Paul Zimbler (??) unknown
Surindar bets 400 with his pocket Queens only to be raised all-in by Fari with 1400 and his A-K suited. Surindar thinks for some time and calls, though at best this is marginal unless he has a strong tell and here it seemed as though he couldn't resist. Though most of the time the hand he will be up against is A-K and therefore a 50-50 shot, he will up against Aces or Kings enough to put this down at the pot odds being offered. As is, Fari flopped a monster, a pair of Aces with the draw to the nut flush. Surindar hits a miracle Q on the end to put Fari out.
Not having much luck, Marcel tries a steal with a weak hand, going all-in with 8-5 suited. Surindar found A-Q and called to take him out.
Vicky made a brave move with a pair of fours but Julian got all his money in with a pair of tens, big favourite. They both hit trips on the flop but the second miracle of the night occurs when Vicky hits the fourth four and reduces Julian to a small stack.
With his small stack Julian finds A-9 and puts it all in. Duthie with enough chips to take him on, calls with Q-5. The cards fall 3-8-10-9 for a pair for Julian but the river Jack makes a straight for John and Julian is gone with serious bad luck.
John shows superior skill when Paul bets 500 on 8-A-A-6. Duthies quizes "how much do you have left", setting up a coup later. A two on the river makes no difference to Paul's J-10 and he bets 500 again. Duthie knowing it was a bluff puts a big raise in with his J-9. Paul passes from a position of being ahead.
Vicky now short gets all in with A-9 but finds Paul with A-K. She hits a nine and sends him packing.
Quickly she finds A-K and goes heads up against Surindar with Q-Q again. The Queens hold once more and Vicky is out.
The heads-up battle is John versus Surindar.
When the flop arrives A-8-9 John checks his 10-7 straight draw and Surindar checks his pair of Aces with a weak kicker. The Jack on the turn allows them both to check again but the final 2 makes John bet his hand. Surindar has trapped himself and calls. First blow to John.
Surindar a little off-guard calls a 900 bet with a weak pair of fours after all the cards have been dealt. John had trip eights. 2nd blow.
Next hand John makes a pair of tens with a straight draw when the 4th card falls, 2-10-5-4, holding 10-3. He bets and Surindar calls with a weak flush draw which does not come. He bets anyway and the master of the bluff-read Duthie calls for another win.
Finally now the John has passed Surindar in chips they meet in a big hand, Q-3-6 with two spades. John has Q-J and Surindar raises him all-in this time with his flush draw. Once again it fails and 4 big hands hand the heat to John Duthie and Sunar goes into the semi-final.