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Late Night Poker VI Episode Five
01:10 3rd nov 2002
 Seat 1 : Dave Ulliot (UK) crooner from Hull, winner series 1
 Seat 2 : John Shipley (UK) 7th this years world series
 Seat 3 : Ken Lennaard (Swe) been in the final before
 Seat 4 : Victoria Coren (UK) Lady Poker Player "the lovely"
 Seat 5 : Tony Bloom (UK) likes a fiver on Arsenal
 Seat 6 : Gary Jones (UK) plays a lot
 Seat 7 : Ross Boatman (UK) real life actor, unreal poker player
An early interesting hand revolved around a flop of Q-2-5. Three players, Ross, Bloom and Shipley. Check-check around to Shipley who bets 500. Bloom raises 1200 and Ross thinks with 2-5 for two pair. It really looks like two people with Queens against him and he should raise to get Shipley's out. Against an Ace-Queen he is 2.7-1 favourite (he wins 73%) and will be getting around 6-4 in chip value. Anyway he passes and Shipley calls with K-Q which he must know is in trouble. No help and he is gone.
Soon another 3-way hand, this time all-in! Ross (A-K), Devilfish (Q-Q) and Bloom (A-A) go all in. When the first 3 cards turnover as fives there are few outs for the chasing hands and none come. Two people out to the Aces of Bloom.
Vicky shows a nice bluff when pre-flop betting with J-T suited she bets the flop of A-K-5. Bloom passes his K-J leading hand.
Another big hand match with all-ins from Jones with A-K only to see Ken with Ace-Ace which hold up once more. Three players left.
Ken gets it all in with T-T and Bloom calls possible thinking it was a steal. He had Q-J suited. A Jack on the flop puts Ken in trouble but a Ten on the turn makes him the winner.
Bloom and Ken get involved in another. The flop comes 9-7-9 with two diamonds and both check. When a non-suit 6 drops on the turn Ken bets 600 and Bloom raises 2000 only to see Ken go all-in which he calls. Bloom turns over 5-3 diamonds for an odd sort of semi-bluff but Ken shows 10-8 diamonds for the straight made and no possible outs for Bloom. Bizarre play from him.
So heads between the lovely Vicky and Ken and immediately they each find Aces and go all-in. Vicky has A-8 and Ken A-Q. The Queen holds and Ken is in the final, Vicky in the semi-final.