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World Series Of Poker
 $1,500 Holdem (limit) Result
April 19th - May 24th, 2002

14th May - 366 (new event) players. Prizepool $516,060 (-). 1st prize $190,920 (-). Londoner Jones goes out with Aces against Queens. Read more
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 Meng La CA $190,920
2 Steve Kaufman NV $98,060
3 Patty Gallager CA $49,020
4 Jesse Danial CA $30,960
5 Gary Jones London $23,220
6 Paul Ladanyi CA $18,060
7 Cy Jassinowski South Africa $12,900
8 Diego Cordovez CA $10,320
9 An Tran NV $8,260
10 Daniel Barnett WA $6,200
11 - 12 Philong Nguyen, Ivan Trepner $6,200
13 - 15 David Warga, Joel Chaseman, Christopher Bach $5,160
16 - 18 Susan Millstone, T.J. Cloutier, Scott O'Bryan $4,120
19 - 27 Micheal Keohan, Roger Easterday, Ahmad Mubarak, Hunter Zuber, Randy Holland, Luis Santoni, Thor Hansen (Nor), Frank Henderson, Matt Salo $3,100
Key Plays 

Every year, at the WSOP, new players emerge from obscurity to become household names. A player with the potential to become a certified character that we will watch for years is Patty "Machine Gun' Gallagher. She can play. And she IS a character. Oh, and she is also by her own insistence a foul-mouthed b***h. "I've got the biggest b***s in the place. I'm Patty G." She likes to say at the top of her voice. It's like Mae West was channeling through a petite Filipino-American woman who loves to laugh and who especially loves to taunt men. She breaks the unwritten rule of poker etiquette by talking to her opponents when they are trying to decide to call her bets. "Why are you talking to me when I have a hand," Meng La finally said to her. He said she gave him a "headache" and he asked her to quit speaking to him altogether. Patty proved over the course of the day that she could bet the river with absolutely nothing. "Don't flirt with me," she said to Steve Kaufman as he stared at her looking for a bluff tell. She is a piece of work, there can be no doubt.

As Daniel Barnett found out to his chagrin in 10th, Patty actually picked up a real hand once in a while. Daniel was the shortest stack and he went all-in from the button with A 6. Patty was on an early rush that took her to the chip lead. 'Machine Gun' Gallagher had pocket Aces in the small blind. 'The Boss,' An Tran was the next to be gunned down by Gallagher. Tran reraised Patty from the button with pocket 3's. She'd raised with the K Q of Spades under the gun. It's likely that in the thirty plus cashes Tran has had at the WSOP, he's never crossed anyone like Patty Gallagher. She wasn't missing any hands at the time and made K's and Q's

Passed early by the red-hot Patty Gallagher for the chip lead, Ladanyi had plenty to be upset about when his stack was decimated. He lost most of the remainder of his chips when Meng La made a higher flush on Paul with a fourth Spade on the river. Paul was there on the turn. Still fuming, Landanyi finished a disastrous 6th when he and Patty got into a raising duel. After five bets they were obliged to quit to see the flop. To no one's surprise, except maybe Ladanyi's, Gallagher had pocket Aces that held up against Paul's pocket 10's.

Three-handed, Patty had half the chips on the table. She was cooking with gas at the time. But her tournament inexperience was about to show. Steve Kaufman tried to get a deal going that would have given Patty over $100k. She didn't know deals and didn't trust men bringing them. It was to cost her over $50,000. Suddenly, the 'Machine Gun' had run out of bullets. The tournament veterans, Kaufman and La worked her over pretty good. She will learn from this experience and is a likely candidate to return to a Final Table soon. Especially in her dominant game, Limit Hold'em. That boisterous voice was finally struck dumb by the river card Meng La caught to wipe Patty out in 3rd. Patty had top pair when Meng made a gutshot King high straight on the river with his K 9.

Steve Kaufman is a backer of tournament players so he had a large crowd of interested rooters. If Steve wins $190k, we'll get some additional buy-ins, they probably thought. Meng "The Ninja" La agreed to a partial save when the chips were even then he ripped Kaufman apart. Meng, who had been so infuriated by Patty Gallagher, hung on to take the lion's share of the prize pool. It's the second big win for La this season and vaults him into an elite circle of players. Professor Kaufman tried a straight draw all-in against the made three Queens of Meng and was schooled

Thanks for the commentary to Mike Paulle sent by Tex Whitson of Binions Horseshoe
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