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World Series Of Poker
 $5,000 Omaha (Pot limit) Result
April 19th - May 24th, 2002

13th May - 107 (new event) players. Prizepool $502,900 (-). 1st prize $201,160 (-). Read more
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 Robert Williamson III TX $201,160
2 Patrick Bruel Paris $100,580
3 Ken Flaton NV $50,280
4 Chau Giang NV $30,180
5 Berry Johnston NV $22,640
6 Jackie Chitwood TX $17,600
7 Issam Tannouri France $12,580
8 Johnny Chan CA $10,060
9 John Bonetti TX $8,020
10 Reza Daeipour France $6,040
11 - 12 Ralph Perry, Phillip Marmorstein (Ger) $6,040
13 - 15 Mickey Appleman, Ken Lennaard (Swe), Jan Boubli $5,540
16 - 18 Randy Holland, Jay Heimowitz, Brent Carter $5,020
Key Players 

It looked like the French were the only Europeans to show up. Not true. This is the WSOP. With a $5,000 buy-in, the stars of poker from around the world are sure to attend. Here are some of the 'names' who played but didn't get paid: Jim Bechtel, Lyle Berman, Chris Bjorin, Barny and Ross Boatman, Humberto Brenes, John Cernuto, Eskimo Clark, TJ Cloutier, Claude Cohen, Allen Cunningham, Paul Darden, Ian Dobson, Chris Ferguson, Layne Flack, Ted Forrest, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, John Juanda, John Kabbaj, Robin Keston, Jim Lester, Kathy Liebert, O'Neal Longson, Marcel Luske, Elie Marciano, Tom McEvoy, John McIntosh, Men Nguyen, Scotty Nguyen, Amarillo Slim, Ben Roberts, Erik Seidel, Mike Sexton, Johan Storaakers, Surinder Sunar, Dewey Tomko, Simon Trumper, David Ulliott, Ram Vaswani, Steve Zolotow

There were 18 bracelets at this table to commence. Six of them belonged to the 'Chinese Wall' Johnny Chan. Today "the Orient Express" was derailed by lack of cards. In one hand where he said he had K K, Johnny couldn't call a 'pot' raise after the flop by John Williamson when it came Q 10 9. Chau Giang, who'd survived a couple of all-in hands early to accumulate a healthy stack with his aggressive play, reraised Johnny all-in with Q J 9 8. Chan had A 10 10 8. The wall crumbled in 8th as Giang made Jacks full of 9's.

In Pot-Limit Omaha, the hand that gets whacked the most it seems is pocket Kings. Issam's good buddy, Patrick Bruel, did the honors with (of course) pocket Aces. Berry also had the dreaded pocket Kings. They don't need to find Aces to lose. These Kings lost to 7's and 6's to give Berry the berries in 5th. Pocket Kings found a new way to lose for Ken Flaton. He was all-in with the unlucky pair and lost to Bob Williamson's Q's and 10's.

"Remember The Alamo!" Bob Williamson was the only player of the last five without a bracelet. He'd said he was "the achor" when it was 6-1 against Texas. Now it was 1-1. Paris had Patrick Bruel and he was on a mission to save his countries future. "When I won in 1998," Patrick said, "France won the World Cup two months later. So it is very important that I win today for France." Bruel was afraid if he lost, France would lose the 2002 World Cup that's being played this summer. Stay tuned 'cause Patrick lost. He should have known better than play pocket Kings. The next new way they lost was to the nut straight by Bob Williamson with a 7 5.

Thanks to Mike Paulle and Tex Whitson
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