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World Series Of Poker
 $3,000 Holdem (limit) Result
April 19th - May 24th, 2002

30th April - 155 (-19%) players. Prizepool $437,100 (-22%). 1st prize $174,840 (-22%). Turnout well down on last year, which was down on the year before. Barney Boatman makes another final table, the only non-US to cash. Read more
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 John Hom CA $174,840
2 Benny Wan CA $87,420
3 Barry Greenstein CA $43,700
4 Doug Saab AL $26,220
5 David Plastik NV $19,660
6 Laumar Hampton FL $15,300
7 Mike Laing PA $10,920
8 David Enoch KS $8,740
9 Ron Stanley NV $7,000
10 Barney Boatman London $5,280
11 - 12 Jesse Daniel, Paul Kim $5,240
13 - 15 Jimmy Cha, David Pham, John Pha $4,800
16 - 18 Daniel Barnett, Lonnie Heimowitz, Tony Cousineau $4,380
Key Players 

For the first two hours everyone won a few hands except Barney Boatman, the man who has made three finals in a row. There are lots of ways to win at poker. Mike Laing's favorite way is to yak non-stop at an opponent until they commit suicide to get away from him. But a strange thing happened to Mike's plan. He ran into a couple of guys deaf to his strategy. Benny Wan, sitting to Laing's right in the One Seat, was in his own world. The new player to Mike's left, Barry Greenstein, was on a heater. And John Hom was too far away, in the Six Seat, to be bothered too much by Mike's constant chatter. Laing turned into his own worst enemy by >repeatedly raising the pot from early position and paying off the better hand on the river. Rapidly Mike went from chip leader to low stack. The Final Table suddenly grew much quieter when Laing went all-in with 10 9 and found pocket 9's in the big blind held by Benny Wan.

At the three way point Barry Greenstein had over half the chips on the table. It would have meant some long green for Barry if he'd offered the other two players a chip count deal, but he didn't. After being so hot for so long, either Barry went defensive to wait for one of the other two players to emerge as a heads up opponent, or Greenstein suddenly got NO CARDS. Because three-handed Barry both stopped playing and, of course, stopped winning. It was a disaster. In an incredibly short time, the 2-1 chip leader had almost nothing. And this without playing very many hands and winning almost none. Barry survived two all-ins then lost the third to John Hom when Barry's Q 5 flopped a Queen, but Hom's A J flopped a Jack. Barry Greenstein left in a stunned 3rd, and didn't get his first WSOP bracelet.

Heads up, John Hom had a 5-3 chip and made an offer to split that was accepted. Benny Wan almost came from worst to first. Still it was the best effort in this year's WSOP--from 10th in chips at the start all the way to 2nd place. Benny Wan played spectacularly. He started with less than 1/20th of the chips.
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