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World Series Of Poker
 $1,500 Omaha (limit) Result
April 19th - May 24th, 2002

24th April - Phil Hellmuth fluffs his chance for record Bracelets, Read more... 130 (143) players (-9.1%). Prizepool $183,300 (-12.5%). 1st prize $73,320 (-14.6%).
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 John Cernuto FL $73,320
2 Randy Holland $36,660
3 Dave Russell $18,320
4 Jimmy Karambinis $11,000
5 Mickey Appleman $8,220
6 Avi Bahar $6,420
7 Barry Shulman $4,580
8 Phil Hellmuth, Jr., $3,640
9 Willard Wellnitz $2,940
10 James Grimes $2,200
11 - 15 David Colclough (UK), Mark Mitchell, Rene Oliveras, Mark Williams, Al Matthews $2,200
16 - 18 Van Hoang Pham, Lonnie Heimwitz, Billy Boutte $1,840
Key Players 

Phil Hellmuth had the opportunity, from 2nd chip position at the start, to get his record eigth Bracelet and at very least move back into the all time money lead that he had lost to TJ in the first event. From the get-go of the final Hellmuth was put under pressure by a strange check-raise move on the part of Shulman. Shulman had nothing at the time but made an inside straight on the river to win. Hellmuth could not stop thinking or talking about it and played a few more hands a bit too far.

Quickly Hellmuth got himself all-in having made trip 8s on the flop only to see the original better hit trip Queens on the turn and take him out 8th. Short on the money lead.

Micky Appleman (3 times a winner here with 29 cashes in total) made great use of a tiny stack entering the final and got it all the way to 5th spot, never quite getting into level territory with the leaders.

Cernuto was a solid performer who got the best cards and milked the hands. His win was not in question at any time.
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