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World Series Of Poker
 $2,000 No Limit Holdem Result
April 19th - May 24th, 2002

22nd April - Top Vegas player Flack shows this event rewards class. Read more. 449 (441) players (+1.8%). Prizepool $844,120 (-1.3%). 1st prize $303,880 (-4%).
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 Layne Flack NV $303,880
2 Tom Jacobs NV $156,160
3 Harry Demetriou London $80,200
4 Mark Gregorich NV $46,420
5 Joanne Bortner CA $33,760
6 Bernard Darmon France $27,020
7 Alan Korson NM $20,260
8 Sirous Baghchsaraie CA $15,200
9 Percy Regimbal Canada $11,820
10 Doug Kim TX $9,280
11 - 12 Patri Friedman, Oules Martine $9,280
13 - 15 Caesar Giangiocomo, Salim Batshon, Tim Martz $8,440
16 - 18 David Chiu, Asher Derei, Mike Carson $6,760
19 - 27 John Shea, Steve Melton, Scott Mayfield, Scotty Nguyen, Andreas Dassopoulos, Mike Heintschel, Bill Hogan, Steve Numoto, Paul Darden $5,060
28 - 36 Glenn Hughes, Stephen Krex, Ernest Schmiedt, Eskimo Clark, John Gledhill (UK), Stonum, Chris Roulier, Richard. P Anthony, Jeff Knight $3,380
Key Players 
Harry Demetriou started 3rd equal in the final and soon caught the long standing chip leader, Joanne Bortner, who once had double the nearest rival. By 4 handed play he was easily chip leader and when 3 handed, Tom Jacobs had a small stack and he looked comfortable. He then raised Flack with Ace-Jack when Flack had Ace-Queen. They both checked all the way on a rag board and Flack picked up a 320,000 pot to go chip leader again. Jacobs then doubled through Harry and then Flack with a last card 6. Flack then took a massive beat with house vs. house in a 600,000 pot to Jacobs with only 900,000 in chips between all three.

Then Flack doubles back through Jacobs when Jacobs tries to go all in after already calling. Flack caught a deuce pair on the flop, Jacobs a straight draw that didn't come. Then Harry pre-flop bets with J-6 to see a flop of J-7-5 and bets. Flack moves all-in with Q-J and Harry calls all-in. Jack on the turn makes Harry's hand dead and its heads-up.

Flack a big chip dog won a massive pot to gain control with Q-Q vs. K-J. Jacobs won a few pots on the way back but bluffed the final pot with no outs when Flack had top two pair.
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