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World Series Of Poker
 $1,500 Holdem (No limit) Result
April 19th - May 24th, 2002

6th May - 528 (not run last year) players. Prizepool $744,480 (-). 1st prize $268,020 (-). This was last run in 1996 when a massive crowd of 405 played. The first event this year where the established stars have shone in numbers. Chan goes back into the all-time money lead. - Read more
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 Layne Flack NV $268,020
2 Johnny Chan CA $137,720
3 T.J Cloutier TX $70,720
4 Carlos Mortensen Spain $40,940
5 Phillip Marmorstein Germany $29,780
6 John Pires CA $23,820
7 Jeff Norman CA $17,860
8 Adeline Shayegan England $13,400
9 Chris Bjorn London $10,420
10 Roger Guerrette TX $8,280
11 - 12 Erik Seidel, Roman Abinsay $8,180
13 - 15 Minh Nguyen, Ken Goldstein, David Pham $7,440
16 - 18 Alexander Dietrich (Germany), Bruce Atkinson (England), Ian Murphy $5,960
19 - 27 David Tovmasyan, Perry Friedman, Ron Stanley, Melissa Hayden, John inashima, Pierre Peretti (France), Charles Tsolakides, Paul Spitalnic, Mel Weiner $4,460
28 - 36 Pat Moore, Jeff Siegal, Nicholas Dileo, Padraig Parkinson (Ireland), Donnacha O'Dea (Ireland), Brian Saltus, Bill Wynes, David Pain, Edward Scharf $2,980
Key Players 

An amazing final line-up that turned into a great five player event with the talented and fearless ex-World Backgammon Champion from Germany taking on the best in the West.

The hand that took Phillip out will go down in legend and provide a bad beat story for all players to compare their own miserable versions against. Flack having pre-flop bet small was delighted to see 10-10-8 on the flop as he was holding a pair of Tens himself ! He checked and his only caller Phillip, checked as well. The turn card brought a 4 and Flack now tried to extract some money by betting small. Phillip who had just made a house with his pocket fours, thought and called slowly, looking all the world that he didn't now what to pretend he had or if he should raise. The River was another 4 and Flack's professional instinct told him that pretending to bluff a Ten would reap most so said all in. Phillip called before Layne finished speaking. There was no slow rolling, Layne's cards flew across the table to show the quads versus quads victory.

At the final three player stage there was a three way all-in pot that saw Johnny Chan go from 3rd to 2nd and Flack secure his position. TJ had AQ, Johnny had AK, Layne had AK. Everyone all in before the flop. K on the turn has TJ beaten. Layne and Johnny split the main, Layne gets all the side which is much bigger than the main. The big chip lead saw him finish Johnny off and any chance of going through the $3million mark (or his 7th Bracelet).

The "Oriental Express" goes back into top spot in the money order. John Morgan of England won $227,815 back in 1996 when this was last held.
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