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Ceased Trading : 12th July 2002
Customers with outstanding Accounts should go to the website and request withdrawl of funds.

Here you are presented with the bets available in a sort of active spreadsheet. Sporting events are listed on the left menu or from the drop-down menu. Different sports tabs are always present center-top screen. Its all quite quick and slick. Account access is easy and reasonably clear to understand.You and me one-to-one

This sites main runner for custom is the Horse Racing although other sports get a lot of action. The Horse Racing section allows punters to become bookies in their own right by laying all runners in one action at S.P. plus a percentage of their choice. Thus to attract customers you can lay at S.P. +7% (commomn) and it will look like value. Remove the 5% tax and they still get S.P. +1.65% so its worth it those betting S.P..

Football and Golf get attention from punters but its still annoying not to be able seperate outrights from match bets.

Sadly their new version has removed the fantastic information section but wisely removed the pool betting which had no takers.

Apart from our gripe over not being able to narrow down the choice of bets enough its pretty solid. Much improved but if they nudged down the vig. a little then action might be much more.

Good try, shame the extras have gone.
Summary Rating : 8/10  
Cut : 5% on net profit Max Odds : Any Limits : Opening £15
Based : Ipswich Tel : 01470 406121
The company number is 3924239
The registered offices are situated at Ballams, Crane Court, London Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP2 O
Standard Mail to Play121 Ltd 20 Queen Street Ipswich, Suffolk, England IP1 1SS
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