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Review Date : 19th January 2002

Bet-ex seems to be the first into the market, from 1993 they say. We are greatful that they opened the door of a new way of betting.

That said, its looking jaded now. When all its competitors are simple browser based systems, this you must download. Once downloaded the finished product is far from seemless. The markets seem specialised, we could find lots of Tennis and some Soccer and NFL.

The menu system has improved of late and does provide the experienced user with access to what they want in a short space of time.

We hope this company gets into the new century with normal browser activity.
IBAS registered
Summary Rating : 6/10 No Freebies
Cut : 5% of winnings Max Odds : Any Limits : Min bet £10/deposit £50
Based : London Tel : 0207 5236141
The general manager is Jan Lundberg, director is Peter Andersson
London International Bet Exchange, 11 Kingsway, London WC2B 6XE - company no. 3920608
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