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The Black Book - Part 2 - Who's Who?
Part 1
Las Vegas conjures up images of glad-handing commissionaires, eager-to-help bellboys and endless complimentary drinks. But the city is keen to shake off its underworld reputation and many of those with shady pasts are distinctly unwelcome.

Every cop in every town knows who the bad guys are but in Las Vegas they have a public register of people declared persona non grata. The List of Excluded Persons, better known as the Black Book, actually covers the whole of Nevada but its main aim is to protect the jewel in the state's gambling crown, Las Vegas, from corruption. The first thing you notice is that its not black.

Current "Black Book" members and the year they entered the list:
Biographical details of leading figures in the links will gradually increase

1. Marshall Caifano, Chicago mob leader 1960
2. Louis Dragna, Mob leader, convicted racketeer 1960
3. Alvin Kaohu, Hawaiian organized crime member 1975
4. Wilford Pulawa, Hawaiian organized crime boss 1975
5. John Vaccaro, Slot cheater 1986
6. Sandra Vaccaro, Slot cheater 1987
7. Chris Petti, Mob associate, convicted bookmaker and card cheater 1987
8. Michael Rizzitello, Mob associate, convicted kidnapper 1988
9. William Land, Card cheater 1988
10. James Tamer, Mob skimmer, bank robber 1988
11. Frank Masterana, Convicted bookmaker 1988
12. Frank Rosenthal, Mob associate 1988
13. Harold Lyons, Slot cheater 1989
14. Joseph Cusumano, Mob associate, convicted racketeer 1990
15. Douglas Barr, Slot cheater 1990
16. Timothy Childs, Slot cheater 1991
17. Francis Citro, Mob collector, convicted racketeer 1991
18. Richard Perry, Convicted sports fixer 1992
19. Anthony St. Laurent, Reputed mob associate, convicted racketeer, bookmaker 1993
20. Dominic Spinale, Convicted illegal bookmaker 1994
21. Brent Eli Morris Douglas William Barr, Convicted slot cheat 1994
22. William Dominick Cammisano Jr., Reputed mob figure, convicted felon 1997
23. Ronald Harris, Former Gaming Control Board computer expert who rigged slot machines 1997
24. Anthony "Tony Ripe" Civella, Reputed Kansas City, Mo., mob figure 1997
25. Jerry Dale Criner, Convicted slot cheat 1997
26. Louis John Olejack, Convicted card cheat 1997
27. John Joseph Conti, Reputed mob associate 1997
28. Stephen Cino, Reputed mob associate 1997
29. Charles Panarella, Reputed mob associate 1997
30. Michael DiBari, Slot cheater 1998
31. Peter Joseph "P.J." Ribaste, Reputed mob associate 1999
32. Fred Pascente, a former Chicago police detective who served time for his connection to an Illinois mail fraud ring. 1999
33. Michael Joseph Balsamo, a six-time convicted slot cheat, who is in the North Las Vegas jail in connection with a nationwide slot cheating scheme. 1999
34. Peter Jay Lenz -- Convicted on bookmaking charges three times and on federal charges of making false statements on a passport application 2000.