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World Series Of Poker
 $3,000 Limit Hold'em Result
2nd July
June 25 – August 10 2006

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Event #7 (3 day event)
Entries -- 415 (406)
Buy-in -- $3,000
Prize Pool -- $1,245,000
William Chen
(Lafayette Hill, PA)
wins $343,618 and
WSOP bracelet
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 William Chen PA $343,618
2 Yuegi "Rich" Zhu CA $184,409
3 Henry Nguyen CA $91,632
4 Karlo Lopez Puerto Rico $80,178
5 Danny Ciasamella PA $68,724
6 Larry Thomas CA $57,270
7 Alan Puzantyan QC, Canada $45,816
8 Ernie Scherer III CA $34,362
9 Jeffrey Lisandro Salerno, Italy $22,908
11 Barry Shulman $12,599
13 Phil Hellmuth Jr $10,309
35 Jim Bechtel $4,582
37 Mimi Tran $3,436
Key Facts 
46 places paid.
Berkley PhD takes his first WSOP title and $343,618.

After two long days, the nine finalists were set for the final table. At the start, Karlo Lopez enjoyed an impressive chip lead. But, nine hours later, all of the chips belonged to Chen.

The two finalists battled back and forth for three hours during heads-up play. Rich Zhu had the chip lead about midway through play, but failed to maintain the advantage. Repeatedly, Chen was the more aggressive player. He either won the majority of his pots because he sensed that Zhu was sometimes timid - or perhaps it was just that Chen was dealt stronger cards. Whatever the reason and whether it was pure math or not, as tough an obstacle as Zhu proved to be, Chen seemed to make the most of every situation by calling, raising, or folding - and being right most of the time.

The final hand of the tournament provided some excitement as Zhu was dealt 10-5 versus Chen's A-4. The flop came 7-4-3 giving Chen middle pair and Zhu an inside straight draw. Zhu's final bet went into the pot on a semi-bluff, but he failed to connect with either a pair or the straight draw.
by Nolan Dalla
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