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World Series Of Poker
 $1,000 No Limit Hold'em Rebuy Unlimited Result 23rd July
June 25 – August 10 2006

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Event # 34 (3 day event)
Entries -- 754 (894)
Rebuys -- 1691 (1500)
Buy-in -- $1,000
Prize Pool -- $2,340,238
Phil Hellmuth Jr
(Palo Alto, CA, USA)
wins $631,863 and
his 10th bracelet
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 Phil Hellmuth Jr CA $631,863
2 Juha Helppi Helsinki $331,144
3 Daryn Firicano MA $187,219
4 John Spadavecchia FL $163,817
5 Terris Preston Toronto $140,414
6 Elio Cabrera FL $117,012
7 David "C4" Plastik NV $93,610
8 Ralph Perry NV $70,207
9 Tony Guoga Melbourne $46,805
26 Ross Boatman (London) $11,701
27 Julian Gardner (Manchester) $11,701
31 Bill Gazes $8,191
45 Jonathan Gaskell (Wigan) $6,787
59 Patrik Selin (London) $4,680
71 Mimi Tran $2,730
Key Facts 
73 places paid.
Phil Hellmuth, Jr. Makes Poker History with Record-Tying Tenth Gold Bracelet

Las Vegas, NV - Every World Series of Poker tournament has a special moment or two. This one had a dozen special moments that will linger on in the minds of everyone lucky enough to have been at the Rio on the night of July 25, 2006. Phil Hellmuth, Jr. finally broke down the barricade that had separated him from winning an elusive tenth World Series of Poker gold bracelet and sky rocketed to the top of the poker pyramid.

Money, fame, and glory are but a fickle reminiscence of what has already come and more often gone. But what captivates us most are -- the memories.

Pick your favorite unforgettable moment: Before the start of the final table, Hellmuth warmly embracing his wife in the middle of the tournament floor for what seemed like minutes, oblivious to hundreds of onlookers; During a break, Hellmuth, the ticking human time-bomb, pacing the tournament hallways in isolation; Hellmuth catching a lucky life-saving card at a key moment to stay alive on his quest for win Number Ten; Hellmuth falling into his proud parents' arms immediately after achieving victory; Hellmuth being mobbed by fellow poker pros Mike Matusow and John Bonetti; Hellmuth high-fiving the entire front row of the grandstand as he took a well-deserved victory lap; Hellmuth being an ultimate class-act by congratulating the runner-up Juha Helppi in a post-tournament celebration; and perhaps the greatest moment of all - Hellmuth himself officially being christened as a ten-time gold bracelet winner by WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack.

Indeed, if Hellmuth's poker triumph is ever to be set to music, it would take a symphony orchestra to provide the full sense of spectacle and historical relevance of the triumph. Beetoven may be famous for his Ninth. But Hellmuth will be celebrated for his Tenth.

The No-Limit Hold'em with Rebuys championship was played over a three-day period. There were 754 entries and 1,691 rebuys -- including a record '48' by Daniel Negreanu, believed to be the most of any major tournament in history. Negreanu's heavy investment failed to pay off as he finished out of the money. It took two long days to eliminate Negreanu along with 745 players.

The nine finalists returned to the Rio poker stage on Day Three. The final table consisted of several players with high-stakes experience, but only two former gold bracelet winners - Phil Hellmuth, Jr. with nine wins (coming in) and Ralph Perry, who won his first-ever gold bracelet last week. All eyes were on the combustible Hellmuth, who was making his sixth cash this year and third final table appearance. Alas, the third time would prove to be a charm.

Anyone who still doubts that this poker victory meant everything to Phil Hellmuth, Jr. would be advised to reflect upon his final question whispered in the most straightforward manner possible to the Tournament Director as he walked away from the Rio poker stage. 'So, how much money did I win?' Hellmuth asked.

Report by Nolan Dalla
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