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World Series Of Poker
 $2,000 No Limit Hold'em Shootout Result 16th July
June 25 – August 10 2006

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Event # 25 (3 day event)
Entries -- 600 (780)
Buy-in -- $2,000
Prize Pool -- $1,109,035
David "Dragon" Pham
(Cerritos, CA, USA)
wins $240,222 and
his bracelet
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 David "Dragon" Pham CA $240,222
2 Charles E Sewell OK $124,488
3 Roland de Wolfe London $65,520
4 Jerald Williamson CA $49,140
5 Chad Layne NV $43,680
6 Jason Dewitt CA $38,220
7 David Bach GA $32,760
8 Dustin Woolf CA $32,760
9 Adam Kagin NV $21,840
11 Kathy Liebert $16,380
20 Mike Sexton $4,805
23 Captain Tom Franklin $4,805
25 Carlo Citrone $4,805
48 Josh Arieh $4,805
49 Todd Brunson $4,805
52 Marcel Luske $4,805
56 James Woods $4,805
59 Chris "Jesus" Ferguson $4,805
62 Layne Flack $4,805
81 Chau Giang $4,805
93 John Duthie (London) $4,805
99 Jeff Shulman $4,805
Key Facts 
100 places paid.
Vietnamese-born poker champ collects $240,222 top prize in No-Limit Hold-em Shootout

Las Vegas, NV - If America is the 'land of opportunity,' then poker is the amphitheater for fast-track success. The green felt provides equal opportunity for just about everyone to become rich and famous. Things which are important to the rest of society - such as race, religion, age, sex, education, language skills, family ties, personal background, and job title - have absolutely no bearing on who wins or loses at the poker table. Indeed, poker is the most 'democratic' of all games. Short, tall, skinny, fat, black, white, male, female - none of these things matter when the cards are dealt.

David 'Dragon' Pham arrived in the United States at the age of 17. During the mid-1980s, he was one of many Vietnamese immigrants who left everything behind in search of a better life. They crammed into small lifeboats which floated around the South China Sea for days, before being rescued and brought to the United States.

Pham eventually settled down in the Los Angeles area and worked a number of low-wage jobs before being introduced to the game of poker by his cousin. Pham-s cousin had won several major poker tournaments and was quite well-known within the local Vietnamese-American community. He even shared some of his prize money with family members. The cousin-s name was Men 'the Master' Nguyen.

Pham started playing poker about ten years ago, and tutored by his mentor 'the Master,' he gradually improved his game. Before long, Pham was one of the best tournament players in poker. Pham got so good so fast, that he won Card Player magazine-s 'Player of the Year' in 2002. Pham was anointed as 'the Dragon,' an odd nickname considering that Pham is one of the calmest and most polite poker players on the tournament circuit. Prior to this year, Pham won his only WSOP gold bracelet back in 2001, in the S.H.O.E. championship, a contest of four different games.

At the 2006 World Series of Poker, presented by Milwaukee-s Best Light, Pham was one of 600 players who paid $2,000 each to enter the No-Limit Hold-em Shootout. It took two days to eliminate 590 competitors. That left ten players to return for the third day to compete for the championship.

Since the finale was a shootout format, this meant every player at the final table arrived with the exact same number of chips. Although there were some tough competitors amongst the final ten, David Pham had to like his chances in this field. He was the only previous WSOP gold bracelet winner of the final ten players.
by Nolan Dalla
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