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What you ought to know about Starburst Slot Tips

If you love playing slot games, then it’s time to start paying attention to starburst slot tips. In starburst, there are many secrets and strategies to enjoy all your gaming sessions. Starburst is a popular ten pay line slot with a space like a theme, crisp 3D visuals and unique effects available for players.

Apart from an old-style round of free spins bonus, starburst uses a wild feature never seen in the word before. The games wild symbols lands on the middle three reels which expand to create a wild reel. Here are some legitimate starburst strategies that work.

Starburst game strategies

While playing online slots, you can generate lots of small bets or use valuable bets by playing a few times. The amount you use to bet will determine how much you win. In starburst, you can increase your bets as you gain to the extent of banking some amount as profit. To enjoy gambling, ensure you strategize well to avoid regrets and frustrations that come with losses. If you want to spice your game, you can use the following strategies to bring a new meaning to your gaming.
  • Leveler: After five back to back losses, you can use the leveler strategy to raise your bets by two levels. With every five consecutive losses, the process will repeat itself. Once there is a win, the bets will reset.
  • Booster: After every loss, bet 1 level is raised to four levels, which is above a bet base. You will return to your original bet amount once you win.
  • Jumper: Even though this strategy works differently from the booster, you can raise your bet level by one up to 4 totals in every win. With jumper, you can reset your bet level after a win
Starburst Demo

Also known as free play mode, you can play the game as if you are using real money. You will experience multiple bonus features and practice on the game without paying anything. You can launch the game in demo mode by visiting casino sites like to trace the game. Playing a slot using demo mode sometimes leads to a big win, and with no deposit free spins, you can count on your luck. When you open a game in demo mode, you can even decide to set the game in autoplay mode.

Starburst slot RTP

Return to player (RTP), means you can expect to receive back from the slot with each bet round. You can calculate RTP by simulating thousands of game spins. Within a short time, your returns could go up or down. With RTP, you will have a reliable indicator over vast spin amounts. Starburst slot RTP has a 96.1% player average return which is higher for online slots. Most games give 95% return to player.


Playing starburst is fun as well as generates the most significant benefit ever. The game is visually attractive, has gorgeous illustrations, and excellent computer graphics. Starburst characteristics in sites like offer a simple, classic theme, colorful design, and pleasant graphics game experience.
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