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The 3 Oldest Casinos You Can Play Slots In

The gambling industry has been moving forward these couple of years and almost everything is digital nowadays. You can find anything online. So, most slot, bingo, and casino table games in general are available online so you don’t have to visit a casino. It’s a convenient and modern solution. Players now have a myriad of online casino platforms to choose from and not only that, they can read reviews about them and their games as well. For example, if you read a Starburst online review or a Casumo casino review or a Spinata Grande online review you will be able to see the features of both games, compare them and their design and bonuses so you can choose which game is more appropriate for you.

Besides that, there are millions of websites that bring the latest news in the gaming industry as well as sites that write articles about the biggest slot machine wins. If you’re a fan of history and would like to get the ultimate slot game experience form back in the day then you should definitely visit these 3 oldest casinos:

3. Casino De Monte Carlo

This casino is the “newest” old casino in the world. It was constructed back in 1856 and it is Europe’s wealthiest gamblers’ favourite casino. Casino de Monte Carlo has up to 1000 slots machines on offer which shows that this casino caters to a magnitude of the players taste. In addition to that, it has a number of classic casino games customers can enjoy like baccarat, craps, poker, blackjack, American and French roulette. Another thing this casino is known for, besides its age, is its appearance in many cult films like Goldeneye, Ocean’s Twelve and Casino Royale.

2. Casino Weisbaden

The oldest casino in Germany and a contender for the oldest casino in the world, Casino Weisbaden was built in 1810, but as a venue it exists since the time of the Roman Empire. The casino’s atmosphere is unique because it has a vintage design. Filled with mosaic art, Greek Mythology statues and chandeliers, the casino gives the players a classy and elegant impression they’ll never forget. It offers 180 slot machines to play on as well as timeless casino table games like roulette, baccarat and blackjack. Also, Casino Weisbaden was the place where in 1865 the famous author Dostoyevsky lost all his belongings which turned out to be an inspiration for one of the titles of classic world literature, “The Gambler”.

1. Casino di Venezia

Supposedly, the oldest casino in the world and on this list, Casino di Venezia dates back to 1638. Before it became a casino the structure was originally built in 1509 and was used as a residence for elite Venetian nobility. The casino’s interior is much like its original 17th century look. The place retains its classical architecture and is filled with sculptures and chandeliers of the past that further contribute to the atmosphere of this establishment. What makes this casino popular even today, despite its age, is the fact that it is located along the canals of Venice and a front entrance that makes players feel like they’re a part from Venetian history. The casino has over 600 slot machines located on the casino floor as well as a wide range of classic casino games like poker, blackjack, roulette, Chemin de Fer, Trente et Quarante and many others.
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