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Review of slot machines

When we think of slots, the first image that comes to mind is slot machines with three or five paylines and fruit. However, game providers have long gone beyond standard designs.

Aviator and Plinko - original slot machines

If you've never played Plinko and Aviatior before, you'll be surprised because these games of chance are not like ordinary slot machines. Find out more about these exciting slot games.


In Aviator, you can try yourself as a pilot. And your earnings will depend on the height to which the plane will climb. The height in this case is equal to the coefficient that will be applied to your winning bet.

The essence of the game is to guess when the plane will fly. The longer the plane takes to fly, the more the odds increase and the bigger the winnings. If the plane flies before you withdraw your bet, your funds will be lost.


The Plinko slot machine is based on the American TV show where a ball falls into a slot with a certain number and competitors receive a payout. You have a pyramid-shaped layout with lines. They range from 8 to 16. There is a hole at the top where the ball falls out. The risk ranges from low to medium to high. Then the balls start to go down - the lowest value in the middle and the highest value on the sides.
Strategies for dice games

In Plinko, the ball falls randomly and it is impossible to predict where it will fall this time or next. That's why there are no effective strategies for online plinko gambling. However, in the Aviator game, you can track a certain pattern. In order to get a big win, you need to play through the betting history and find when the airplane's multiplier line reached x100. Then you need to calculate the hour from the last rise to x100 and place two bets - the first at x35-40 and the second at x100. This strategy is based on the mathematical analysis of the slot.

Beginners are advised to withdraw funds before the coefficient reaches x 1.8, because this is the level at which the plane most often flies up.

Are there any games similar to Aviator?

Jet X is an analog of the Aviator slot. The goal of this game is also to predict how high the plane will fly and withdraw money before it explodes. You can play both Aviator and Jet X, and choose the game you like best.


You can place bets on the most popular fast games such as Aviator, Plinko, and JetX, etc. You will not be disappointed with the quality and gameplay, because the games were made by the best providers and are in demand all over the world. That is why you will not regret trying your luck in one of the games.
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