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Playing real money Casinos with your mobile phone

The world has turned mobile and is still doing so. Now the long evolution of the gambling world has taken this revolution to its heart and has produced many an App to look and feel like the online world that we are all familair with. But its not as easy as it might be.

To play a mobile casino you first need a smartphone, that much many people have already. The easy thing to do is navigate to your chosen site in your browser, log in and away you go. But for many people they want instant access with extra features and then you need to install an App from a reputable vendor. Mobile Slots Today offer some of the best mobile slot games available, check out Casumo mobile casino who have an array of the latest slot games on the market.

Blackberry and Windows
If you are one of those people still using a non-Android Blackberry you are not going to find any apps at all and if you have a Windows phone of any operating system version, then it doesn't seem that anyone of the online casino operators have thought it worth while to create apps for this type of phone. It also looks that new Windows phone are not being made. There are however some free casino type apps available for Windows phones.

So currently you can get genuine real money mobile casinos with all the regular games only on an iPhone or an Android device.

iPhone (near 20% market share)
If you have an iPhone and you like to gamble then you've probably already been into the App Store on your phone and found one of the regular operators for which you have an account already. Simple as that and why shouldn't it be. You'll only need sufficient space in the memory for another app and an internet connection to download, install, sign in and make real money bets. Remember that when on the move you will not always have an internetn connection.

Warning : Apple allows real money gambling (RMG) apps to enter its App Store in certain markets only, including the UK. You'll have to check for your country if different.

Android (near 80% market share)
This is where it gets tricky. From the outset of Google's Play Store (known as Android Market until 2012) real money gambling (RMG) apps have been refused entry to the store since it opened its doors in 2008. Its not understandable as a policy but it is inkeeping with other Google policies like barring Google Ads from gambling orientated websites and opposite to Google allowing the same type of site, gambling, to pay them for Google Ads.

The other confusing thing is that there are apps you can download for free in the Play Store like, casino, slots or poker, that you can make in-app purchases to buy play chips. So you can in-effect lose real money playing with apps downloaded from Google's store.

You can still however get the real operators app and play for real money in a live game or tournament by what is called sideloading. There are several methods to sideload so we will mention two.

First, enable unknown sources.
Before you start, you need to make sure you have allowed your device to install apps that are found outside of the Google Play Store. So from settings you tick the box that says "Unknown sources" and tap on "OK".
Allow Apps from unknown sources
Then the process is quite easy, just navigate in the browser to the gambling portal of your choice and they will detect you are using a mobile device and offer you to download their app.

For some sites they still need you to davigate to the download page or even scan the operator’s QR code but these are dedcreasing in number.

Manual method
This method is also very simple, but can be a bit more tedious than the other methods. If you’ve downloaded the apk from a computer, hook your phone up to it with a syncing cable (likely Micro USB) and drag and drop file into the phone’s storage. Since we’ll need to find the file again, make sure you remember where you placed the apk on your phone. Usually, it’s easiest to place the file in the root of your phone’s storage, inside no folders. This will make finding the file easier later on, but it's not a great way to keep your phone's storage organized.

Now head over to the Google Play Store and download a file manager app, or your phone may even have a file manager app pre-installed. Open the file manager, find the APK you placed in the storage, and tap on it. This should initiate the install.

A word of caution
Sideloading apps isn't necessarily safe. Google screens apps in the Play Store for certain types of malware, but when you circumvent the store, you give up this protection. You'll want to make sure you have some sort of anti-malware scanning software running, or at least be very careful what you download.

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