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Picking the Right Online Slot Game

If you ever find yourself struggling to make a decision as to which slot to play, then we can guarantee that you are not alone.  2021 represents a year where there are more top slots than ever before, with game providers now offering a selection of slots which have so many different attractive qualities. But it can be hard to choose and make a final decision as to which game you are going to invest your time and money into.

Operators offer a variety of slot themes, different payouts, and a range of exciting gaming mechanics. So which to choose? In this article we are going to go over a few things to consider that can help to make that all important final decision, a little bit easier.

The Importance of Payback Percentage

Each video slot title will have a return to play percentage that you will be able to find on the gaming information. Payback percentage (or better known in the industry as RTP), indicates the return you can expect from a title. Play a particular game for a longer amount of time and you can expect this figure to become increasingly more accurate. For instance, if you play out $1,000 on a 96% RTP rated title, then you can you could expect and somewhere in the region of a 96% return, on average - which in this case would be $960. This shows that the house has an edge of 4%.

Each online slot will vary in volatility (variance). I low volatility title means that wins will be regular but will more likely be smaller in amounts. A high volatility slot means that bigger wins are much more likely, but are paid out less frequently. With information like this on your side, it becomes easier to judge what kind of bankroll you should have to be within the best chance of profiting.

For Australia and New Zealand the dominant name for slots is “pokies” or “poker machines” or even “poky”. This is not to be confused with machines where you play poker with fixed hand payouts as you often see in the casinos of Nevada.. The name simply comes from the action of poking coins into a slot.

Special Features in Online Slots

These are what really capture the attention of an audience; it is probably fair to say that they are the main ingredient in making a video slot exciting.

Pay lines indicate the number of winning ways that a game has. Games with multi-line pays means that you will bet on each winning possibility, and you get to choose the total stake size.

Bonuses are added in there to create an extra level of excitement, and they keep the sense of anticipation at maximum levels. Providers are getting more creative with bonuses, but common bonuses include free spins and win multipliers.

There’s a huge variety of gaming themes for you to get stuck into. Movies, sports, and seasonal holidays to name just a few.

These are important things to consider. because depending on your personality. It could be the difference between you. Loving the thrills of the title or inevitably becoming bored.

The Importance of Trusting a Website

Slot gaming has been on an epic journey, and operators have adapted to accommodate them. You only have to look at the history of slots to see the difference in slot gaming today, compared to years gone by.

Operators have been there every step of the way, but some have created better reputations than others. It is advisable to consider who you are gaming with, as well as which game you are playing. Operators differ with things like, deposit and withdrawal limits, mobile betting compatibility, customer service, and transaction methods.

What’s the Answer?

The important thing to know is that there is not one universal answer for ‘which online slot is the best’ -the answer to this is subjective. What is most important, is to consider exactly what you want from a game. The information above will help you come to the right decision, and hopefully keep you gaming in harmony for years to come.
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