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Casino Slot Myths Explained and Resolved 
All forms of gambling come with the baggage of myths that have formed over time, many a natural human response to large amounts of data that is not easily interpreted by the human brain. Some actually have a basis in truth so lets try and explain them for slots.

Slots that have just paid a big payout are less likely to pay out again.
When you go to a reputable online slots portal you will be playing random slots that use an RNG (Random Number Generator) to select which place each reel will stop at. What ever lines up on the pay line or lines is then paid out at the predetermined payout odds that all the slots will have displayed. So this is a myth. As soon as you hit the play button that is all set electronically in motion and is independent of any sequence or previous payout. So if a jackpot is paid on one spin the very next spin has the exact same chance of paying out the jackpot again! This is an unnatural thing for the human way of thinking to take on board.

But this myth does have some basis in fact which comes from the type of slot machines traditionally used in everyday pubs and clubs in the UK. These are most often the type of slot known as “compensated” slot machines. In these they do adjust the odds of a win based on a relatively short amount of payout history to try and keep the RTP (Return to Player) close to the stated percentage over a relatively short history. This creates more even results for players and crucially the slot operators.

Slot operators change the payout table to compensate for poor results.
This is just illegal. It does not happen at reputable sites or real world casinos.

Its best to always play the maximum number of coins
Depends on the slot. If you are playing a progressive jackpot machine, one that only pays the jackpot to maximum coin plays then yes it is. Also if there is a big payout for max coins like 5 coins could win 20,000 but 1 coin could only win 1000 then also it is correct to play the max coins. Otherwise play the highest coin value you are happy with and just one at a time.

If you play for an hour then stop and someone plays the same slot and wins big you would have won if you had played on
Myth! Whenever you make a decision or play you have changed the world in a unique way. The time delay between plays is uniquely yours and the RNG will bring different results with just a fraction of a second difference and if you are playing online then others will be playing the same slot so also use the RNG which brings uniquely different results.

Its easier to win on a 3 wheel machine than 5 wheels
Although it seems easier to line up three symbols rather than five the odds of winning on both pretty much the same.

You can guess what happens next based on the symbols currently showing
Myth! The next result is completely random on RNG slots. However normal old fashioned UK machines have in the past been predictable by those that studied them for hundreds of hours.

Land based slots pay better than online
Myth! All licensed slots have a payout percentage indicated on them and this includes online slots. You can simply go to the page on the operators website and check all the payouts. This is recommended as some have high percentages above 98% and others as low as 92%!

Casinos and Slot operators pick their winners
Myth! And illegal. RNG machines and online RNG slots generate winners randomly.

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