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Are Free Spins
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Are Free Spins Worth It?

A question people ask daily: Free spins, are they worth the hassle? The answer is almost always a resounding yes. But why is that?

Free Spins And Video Slots: Inseparable

From the beginning of online gambling and continuing until the present, free spins have been quintessential for online slots. They set them apart from machine slots. Where a machine slot will only give the same boring spins over and over, video slot free spins daily deliver much more.

They will make use of all of the particular video slot mechanics to deliver a couple of spins free of charge which could give that win you were not expecting. Rather than watch the same old reels spin, why not have the symbols vanish? Or will the wild become sticky and remain in place

How about a couple of multipliers thrown in for good measure. Besides special features, free spins are one of the things that set apart video slots from classic machine slots. You can rarely have one without the other!

Free Spins, The Soul Of the Slot Party

For the majority of slot games played daily, free spins are what they revolve around. And it's easy to see why. One considerable bet at the right time when it triggers and you might have just hit the jackpot. For most video slots, entering the free spins round is the whole point if you want to win some money.

They Are Not So Hard To Get

For the most popular games and casinos, daily free spins are easy to get and easy to understand. There might be some tougher ones. But, all in all, landing those three scatters is all it takes to have a couple of spins completely free of charge.

The Free Spins Enhances The Special Features

Most people know even if they don’t play video slots on a daily basis that free spins rounds include some of the best special features that any game has to offer. One wise man once described the free spins round on the classic slot ‘Dead Or Alive’ as ‘the same game but on steroids’.

Obviously there is no scientific way to compare the effects of this excitement or whether they resemble the effect of performance-enhancing drugs. But they surely do supercharge the whole deal. A number of the special features of the games you play make an integral part of the free spins rounds itself. If the slot has cascading reels, the free spins round will likely add a progressive multiplier for each combination.

If the game centres on wilds, the free spins round can make them sticky. If the base game happens to have an awesome feature, be sure it's free spins round can only make it even awesome-r.

They Are Completely Free!

What else is there to say, it is all in the name! Your daily free spins at most of your favourite video slots are completely free of charge. You pay absolutely nothing once you get them! Of course each game gives you a different amount of free spins for you to run with.

In some games, there are as little as 6 free spins per round. On some others, it can reach as much as 12 or 15 free spins. Completely free of charge! And, remember, it's not only free but you also have a decent chance to win money.

The amount you bet when you get the free spins carries over to that same round. You could potentially quadruple that amount easily or make even more than that absolutely for free. Each time the free spins transform what are ordinary bets into decent chance of winning.

If you are a person who places high roller bets then you may get free spins towards mind-blowing jackpots. Your daily dose of free spins on your favourite video slot is likely to be the best part of the game.
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