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3 Emerging Online Slot Trends to Watch in 2020

As another year begins to close another year of opportunities starts to open. With just how popular slot games have become over the last few years, the developments within this industry have been exciting to watch. From basic opportunities to advanced graphical powerhouses, slot evolution has been one of the driving factors of online casino’s recent success. So what do we have to look forward to in the next year of slot gaming?

Character-Driven Slots

Video games are no longer the sole domain of character-led interacting entertainment. As the legacy of certain slot properties grows, some of them have made moves into serialising their themes and characters. It makes sense, in a lot of ways, as it's only natural that we would grow attached to a few favourites. Making the most out of these is simply good for business, and keeps classics fresh.
A widespread example among today’s online casino slot lists is the Gonzo’s Quest series of games, from NetEnt. This slot has become so popular that Gonzo himself has become a sort of unofficial mascot to many online gamblers, and we’ll be seeing more attention paid to this in 2020. In this case, fans of Gonzo could check out Gonzo's Quest in 3D, an experience available over many virtual reality brands.

Multiplayer Slots

As traditional gaming turns to multiplayer, so too has online gambling. In some games, like poker, this has been the case for decades. In slots, however, developers have only recently found the way to incorporating multiplayer gameplay.

This means slot enthusiasts can play together on a level not even possible in brick and mortar establishments, as they aid each-other in spinning home big wins. Thankfully, it's not possible to hurt the chances of other players in these games, which would turn them from fun into frustration.

One of the best examples of these multiplayer slots comes courteous of the established giants Microgaming. Their Avalon multiplayer slot is a crowd favourite, expanding the already respected series into a new setting.

Skill-Based Slots

If you are the type of player who wants more direct action in your slot games, then the new generation of skill-based slots could be the perfect fit for you. In general terms, these games allow you to modify your winnings based on your interactive reflexes and ability.

In this arena, existing games like the Space Invaders skill-slot from Scientific Games have already paved the way. In much of the game, you play as you normally would. Having won a bonus, however, flicks you over to an entirely interactive game of Space Invaders, letting you shoot to increase your winnings and multipliers. Having proven its place in the physical world, expect many to follow in the digital.

Finding a bridge between casino games and traditional video games has always been a challenge, but perhaps nowhere is this combination best illustrated as with these coming systems.
So what are you most looking forward to in the next year of slot games? What characters would you like to see more of? Which games which you like to play with your friends and what forms of skill games are you most confident could boost your winnings? Next year, just maybe, you might get lucky.
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