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World Series Of Poker
 $3,000 Holdem (Pot limit) Result
April 19th - May 24th, 2002

4th May - 175 (-23%) players. Prizepool $493,500 (-25%). 1st prize $197,400 (-19%). Explain Holdem. Ferguson creates the best battle so far. Read more. Jesus moves up the winners ladder.
Pos. Player Origin Prize
1 Fred Berger LA $197,400
2 Chris Ferguson CA $98,700
3 Brian McCann CA $49,340
4 Tom Schneider AZ $29,600
5 An Tran FL $22,200
6 Tony Cousineau FL $17,300
7 Danny Qutami CA $12,360
8 Dennis Waterman OR $9,860
9 Hylton Socher PA $7,900
10 Ken Flaton NV $5,920
11 - 12 Jose Stawski, David Levi $5,920
13 - 15 Randall McCallum, Bobby Hoff, David Shu $5,420
16 - 18 Young Phan, John Duthie, K.U Davis $4,940
Key Players 

The heads-up battle lasted for three hours in which both sides went from 10-1 chip leader to 10-1 dog before the man from Louisiana, who had never previously played "pot", beat the 2000 World Champion. Jesus tried to show him his superiority by linking his three gold bracelets around his stetson. It didn't work.

How Fred survived is the story of the tournament. Coming from 9th in chips to win is the greatest performance of the year so far. And this by yet another WSOP rookie playing a new game for the first time.

First, Fred said, "Last hand" and threw in his chips with the J 2 of Clubs. Chris had pocket 7's. With a Jack on the turn, Berger still had a slim chance to become King. Then came the equalizer. Fred had lost all his money on pocket 3's. Maybe Chris Ferguson waited one card too long to put Fred all-in on the next key hand. Chris had Aces on the flop with A 7. When a 3 came on the turn, Ferguson went all-in. Berger had pocket 3's again! And a set of 3's on the turn. Now Fred was in business. Ferguson again may have waited too long (he will have to tell the story from his viewpoint) on the pivotal hand. Chris had A K. Fred had A J. The flop came Q J 6. Chris went all-in on the flop with only a King and a 10 as outs. Now Ferguson had only $25,000 left. The last hand Fred Berger won with King high. He was the Berger King
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